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Robert W. Studinger CPA

Robert W. Studinger CPA

Robert Studinger is your go to guy for a CPA in Tucson Arizona. He has lived in the Old Pueblo for over 28 years. He has been part of this great community in Tucson Arizona and  knows and understands his community as well as the people and tax law.

As an active member of The Arizona Society of Certified Public Accountants (ASCPA), Robert  is held to high standards and must maintain 40 hours of continuing education each year. This keeps him current on all tax laws.  You can rest assured, that he is  knowledgeable of current tax laws.

Robert received his degree in accounting from Myers University with Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting. He wanted to be an accountant because his father was a very successful accountant and had his own income tax business. Robert found himself helping his father and realized he had a real knack with numbers. Robert watched closely and learned  while in high school,  how to prepare income tax returns and found himself helping his father. This inspired him to go to college and become an accountant.

Tucson CPARobert has a diversified work experience. He has worked in the  Cable TV Construction industry  as a controller managing 19 accounting personnel performing payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable, inventory,cash receipts and cash dispersments; and, as an internal auditor for Hughes Aircraft Company, Missile Systems Division; as well as in public accounting for both a small CPA firm, and a National CPA firm as an senior auditor and senior tax advisor.

With his skills and experience he started his own CPA firm 21 years ago and has built it from the ground up. The majority of his work has been in preparing all types of income tax returns, assisting clients with their bookkeeping needs, and responding to IRS audits and other IRS notices.

Robert prides himself with being a tax help service that is not just a 1-800 phone number or an internet site. His office is located in Tucson Arizona and when you contact his office, you get a real person, with real advice and real solutions. He feels all too often that  people seek advice and they can never get to see the person that offers that correct advice. He believes business should be done face to face. This way people can feel at ease and know that there is someone really working with them to help them resolve their tax issues.

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During his 40 years of diversified work experience, he has learned how to listen to people and the importance of positive communication. These skills have made Robert an expert at helping people solve their tax problems and get the results they need to free themselves from the burdens that tax problems can cause.

If you are looking for a Tucson CPA, call Robert Studinger today for your free 30-minute consultation and see how he can help you with your tax problems. Come on by since Tucson Tax Help is locally owned and say hi to Robert and his wonderful dog Cinnamon (the tax dog). They will make you feel at home.

Robert W. Studinger CPA - 7407 E. Tanque Verde Road Tucson, AZ 85715 - (520) 733-1484