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You have clicked on this page because you are having an IRS problem. Tucson Tax Help understands that the IRS can be very challenging, and at times, impossible to understand what IRS can and cannot do. You need the guidance from an experienced tax professional to guide you through the Internal Revenue Service’s code, regulations, rulings, liens, levies, unfiled returns, audits and more. Gaining an understanding about your situation and achieving a better perspective is half the battle.

Understanding Levies

There are several levies the IRS can impose. First, there is a wage levy. This begins with the IRS mailing you a “Notice of Intent to Levy.” It is important not to panic as you have 30 days before they can levy your wages. You want to call a tax professional like myself right away because they IRS can levy your entire paycheck, and it will attach to each paycheck until a release is issued. So call right away to arrange a plan to prevent this from occurring.

The next type of levy is a bank levy. Just like a wage levy, the IRS will mail you Notice of Intent to Levy and like the above; you will have 30 days from the date on the letter before they can levy your bank account. After that, the IRS can seize all of the funds from your account upon notice of levy. The law does offer a 21-day waiting period before the funds are surrendered to the IRS. The good news is if you seek a tax professional, this process can be resolved and you will not have to worry.

Finally, for people who are self-employed, there can be a levy on accounts receivable. The same as above, the IRS will notify you, and you will need to seek a tax professional so that your day-to-day operations will not be forced to shut down

Property Seizures

A problem that can occur is that the IRS can seize your property. They can seize and auction your business equipment, automobile, real estate and homes, and any other tangible asset. The money earned from the auction is applied to the tax liability. If you have gotten a Notice of Seizure, contact me immediately, so we can work on a solution and prevent this from happening.

Failure to File

Millions of American taxpayers fail to file required tax returns for many reasons. Often they are afraid they cannot pay what they owe. Maybe some don’t know how, and just procrastinate. It is important to remember that failure to file tax returns may be construed as a criminal act by the IRS and the fines can be harsh.

If you fail to file, the IRS may file “SFR” (Substitute For Return) Tax Returns for you. This is like the IRS version of an unfiled tax return. It is important not to let this happen. If it does, you will not receive credit for important deductions such as exemptions for spouses or children, interest and taxes on your home, business expenses and much more. Whether you owe money or don’t know how to file, remember it is never too late to call a professional to get it taken care of so you can get back on your feet.

Tucson IRS Problems

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