Tax Problems Tucson Arizona

Every year millions of businesses and individuals run into tax problems that can be stressful and intimidating. Not knowing can create problems because some people feel so confused that they ignore their problems. This only creates more issues. Tucson Tax Help understands what types of tax problems you may encounter and can help you untangle the tax web of confusion. Knowing some of the most common tax problems can help you feel less stress.

Taking Too Many Deductions

We know that having plenty of deductions reduce the amount of taxes you pay, which does not mean you can take everything as a tax deduction. A sure fire way to generate and IRS audit is having too many deductions. Make sure you are honest when taking deductions. Be sure to save all your receipts and this will help any verifications you may need to provide.

Not Filing Because You Cannot Pay

People often do not file because they fear they cannot pay what is owed. People make this common mistake. At Tucson Tax Help, we help you file the paperwork and work with you to develop a payment plan so you don’t have to pay any penalties for not filing. Remember, doing nothing is much worse than owing taxes.


So many Americans have problems with taxes when they are self-employed. It becomes confusing and like many people, they want to take care of it themselves. This is where it really does pay to have an expert on your side to help you get the most back, and pay the least.

Not Reporting All Of Your Income

Many people have side jobs and almost all income is taxable, and that goes for employer or financial institution that did not send you a tax form reporting that income. If it is confusing, we will talk to you about what is and is not taxable income.

Back Taxes

If you owe back taxes, then chances are you owe interest and penalties. Tucson Tax Help can assist you with understanding the penalties and your total tax liability, including interest and penalties. We know it can easily double over five to seven years, so we act quickly to help you by talking to the IRS and setting up a payment plan.

Check Your Numbers

Check your math. The IRS continues to cite math errors as a top filing mistake. Sometimes, taxpayers make mistakes when figuring taxable income versus adjusted gross income. Make sure you understand what number to put where when calculating whether your Social Security or other income is taxable, or when figuring out your deductions and credits. Social Security numbers are a common complaint the IRS is concerned about. People tend to transpose the numbers and though it is an easy mistake to make, it can cost you! That is why hiring a tax professional with years of experience can help. We cross our Ts and dot the Is.

There are a wide range of problems that can occur when dealing with taxes and as your professional CPA, we make sure you understand these problems, and find the solutions that will help you get back on your feet again. Call us today.

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