Tucson Tax Help

Confused about taxes?
Are you being audited?
Stressed about a letter from the IRS?

Does this sound like a problem you are having? Are you one of the millions of Americans dealing with unresolved tax debt? Don’t worry. You may find yourself like many others, struggling to overcome issues with the IRS. Tucson Tax Help is here to save the day and show you the way.

If you need help for your current tax issues our founder, Robert Studinger is knowledgeable and can offer you the positive solutions you need. That’s because he knows and understands the laws, and is an expert with Arizona tax laws as well as the procedures and laws with IRS revenue collection and can provide positive results that protect your rights as a taxpayer. Most important, this company makes sure they can reduce any of your possible penalties and ease the stress of your tax burdens.

This company is your trusted and reliable source that you need. We understand that due to the current economic crisis, tax debt might have put many people in a bind and they are aware that people are seeking reliable assistance when dealing with the IRS. We know that the IRS can be intimidating and overwhelming for any taxpayer. So if you are searching for a tax company that can help then the good news is the search is over!

We understand how stressful it is trying to handle your tax problems alone. Talking to the IRS and trying to figure out the paperwork and finding a fair solution can feel impossible on your own. That is because the IRS does their job and acts in the best interest of the government; however, we work with you and represents YOUR tax issues and we take that role very seriously. We really do have YOUR best interest in mind and want to resolve your tax issues. Our reputation and experience can assure you that we will have a solution for most  of your tax problems.

Experts in Tax Solutions

Our founder Robert Studinger is an expert and has the resources needed to help you resolve most of your tax concerns and issues. Robert Studinger and company provide a wide range of services to individuals as well as businesses and it is their goal to meet each client’s specific needs in planning and achieving their goals in an ever-changing financial environment. These professional services include IRS representation for the following:

  • Audits
  • Collections
  • Tax liens
  • Levies
  • Employment taxes
  • IRS representation
  • Stop IRS penalties and interest
  • IRS payment plans

Tax Return Preparation of Current and Prior Years For:

  • Individuals
  • Partnership
  • Corporation
  • Estates
  • Trusts

What Makes This Company So Good?

The dedication, experience, integrity, objectivity and being locally-owned and operated is what makes us so good. There are many tax services, but in Tucson, there are few that actually deal with the IRS. We at Tucson Tax Help are a “soup to nuts” service that offers more than just simple solutions, it is about taking 25 years of experience and using that experience to not only help you, but to offer proactive advice regarding your tax problems so you won’t have future problems. We care about our client’s tax concerns and addressing those concerns is a crucial aspect to continue their success. We help guide clients through a full range of tax planning and preparation decisions with strategies that maximize a client’s cash flow while minimizing tax liabilities.

Assurance and Advisory Services

We often talk to the IRS and get results. This is because we have the expertise and know how to talk to them. We are fully aware of how the IRS laws work as well as the taxpayer’s laws. We work hard to protect your rights as a taxpayer. We also know that you deserve to be treated with dignity and respect and we ensure there is resolution with your taxes while protecting your rights. That is because we build close client relationships that add long-term value.

Peace of Mind

Tucson Tax Help, helps people feel a peace of mind knowing that a skilled professional is working  hard to determine the problem and work towards the solution. People also have relief that they no longer have stress because they do not have to deal with the IRS that we deal directly with the IRS for you. People know that they will get the results they need and feel good about the results. There is always peace of mind when a professional is taking care of your tax problems.

Help is Just a Phone Call Away

If you need to resolve a tax problem or if you have questions and you are more comfortable talking with the voice of experience face-to-face, call Tucson Tax Help for a 30-minute free consultation. Please review our website and discover how we can provide the help you may need. Take the first step to overcoming your tax burdens by calling Tucson Tax Help and allowing us to explain how we can assist you today.

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