Tucson Tax Relief

We are living in tough economic times. People are losing their jobs or homes, and struggling to put food on the table. Most Americans are good taxpayers and pay their taxes in full and on time. However, due to a variety of different conditions, paying taxes can become a financial burden that can make or break you.

Tucson Tax Help is an expert in federal tax. We understand the laws and that is why we can help you with tax relief. We know that tax relief is intended to help the taxpayer who has filed properly but may have trouble paying the bill. 

Many individuals seek tax relief because they have been notified by the IRS with a Notice of Intent to either levy accounts, lien property (real or personal), or garnish wages. Resolving your tax issue is our goal.

We know that dealing with the IRS can be difficult and can be very intimidating.

Our job is to negotiate with the IRS. We know how to communicate with the IRS, and in general, tend to be much more reasonable when dealing with a tax professional. This can help you minimize your stress.

Tucson Tax Help is qualified to provide tax relief in Tucson because we understand collection practices, we understand the rules, and we understand the regulations. Because of this understanding, and with the continuing education, we are always on top of the new regulations and laws and can get you the tax relief that you need.

It is important to understand that the IRS is allowed to offer taxpayers ways to help resolve thier tax debt over time with installment payments, or potentially settle the debt at a percentage of what is owed (Offer in Compromise). Taxpayers should understand that tax relief is available on a variety of levels and depending on your tax situation, there are programs that have different requirements and qualifications.

Some of the most common programs are:

Installment Agreement
This is where there is a monthly payment plan that is set up to pay back the taxpayer’s tax liability. Keep in mind that the IRS has guidelines as to what amount they will accept and the time frame they will accept it in.

Offer in Compromise
This means that an offer goes to the IRS to lower the total tax liability owed by the taxpayer because of current financial situation. There are very strict guidelines that have to be met before the IRS will accept one these.

Non-collection status
If the taxpayer cannot afford to pay the IRS the amount that is due because they have no assets and low income or even no income, then the IRS can deem the taxpayer is currently not collectible and agree that their tax liability will be waived for the time being. Keep in mind though that the IRS has ten years to collect a debt, so when you start working again the IRS will start the collection process back up.

Those are just three types of tax relief that can be offered to you. Your best bet is to seek help from the professionals like Tucson Tax Help. Call us today for your free consultation.

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